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This is the first post of the dedicated site for RUIN. I’m going to keep it simple. A single page to watch the shorts, for credits of the artists, and a place to check out news and some ongoing making-of-type stuff for anyone interested. Cheers!


  1. Brilliant! It’s awesome to see it done.

  2. This is a great animated short. By far the best I have seen in a long time. This is what Hollywood needs. Watching this made me excited for animation again just like when I watched watched all those great (and a lot not so great) anime movies in the early 90’s for the first time and was blown away at how cool some animation can be. Please keep up the good work and I am extremely hopeful that this turns into a movie or a full series. I would buy or go see this for sure. Thank you

  3. just : waaaaah !
    i really want to see more !

  4. Just awesome bro, it should be a game or a movie and not just a “clip”, very very nice work bro, keep it up =)

  5. Will it be in theaters, if so when?

  6. KEEP GOING!!!


  7. Well done! Great job! Hope to see Ruin expanded in a movie or a videogame. The animated short kept me hooked, congratulations.

  8. This was amazing! I’m looking forward to the next short.

  9. WHOA!!!! What a great animated short!!! Astonishing!!! Keep going with the great job! We want the sequences! =)

  10. Great Job! That was a very fast 8 minutes. I was a bit disappointed to see it over all ready.

    I would love to see this in a very long, multi part series. 5-6 hours or more in length.

    Will keep checking back!

  11. This was awesome. If you guys keep on going, and this becomes popular, maybe you could even spin it the world off into a video game RPG.

  12. i enjoyed the feeling of it and atmosphere.
    looking forward to grasp the story line.
    i would definitely play if it were a game.
    keep it up!
    i will keep watching

  13. man when I saw this I thought it would the best video game with awesome story ever , you guys should go and show this to ”Squere Enix” , I bit it will be the next Final Fantasy :)

  14. A Mind blowing ride !!!
    Wow !

    Thats how I would love to see a movie remake of AKIRA done!

    you guys have brethed new life back into the excitement of animation!

    Thank you.

    P.S please make a full length movie !!… please…please…please !

  15. My first though was, where the hell can i buy the rest of the series as bluray. But it’s just a short. WE WANT MORE!

  16. Wow ! Astonishing work. It must take gigantic work to produce that. You have my full respect. This HAS to grow into a movie guys ! We are tired of cartoon animation. It reminded me of the 2001 movie “Final Fantasy: The Enemy Within”. That was a leapfrog for animation at the time. How incredible we have advance here. The only part which still is not quite 100% convincing is the human characters but it’s coming close.
    Anyway I am dying to see the next episode.
    Congrats !

  17. As far as First Impressions go, I’m blown away!

    Keep up the great work!

    I’d like to do a review on my site. Would it be alright to post the Ruin video on Jump84?

    Thank you,
    Dennis Burchfield
    Art Director

  18. It is quite obvious from this work, that a great deal of care, perception and understanding flowed easily among those involved. I would love to see a series of eight minute spots, stitched together to see if a ‘movie sense’ could come about. Stay with it. I would love to join your team.

  19. Thank you.Very nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This needs to be made into a feature film. It’s brilliant. This is 100x better than the shite coming out of the big studio wankers.

    Make this! Kickstart it! Rob 7-11s…whatever you need to do to fund it!

  21. This was amazing. i really hope we can see a full length move sometime in the future! great job guys.

  22. Huge, Huge fan of Post Apocolyptic books / movies and this just grabbed me from the very start. There is obviously a great story to be told here and your intro to this universe you have created was a stunning way to grab interest this project wherever it leads. Well done on every aspect of this, visuals, sound effects, score and storyline and not least the exciting way you have introduced this as “something” coming – whether a series, movie, game or something else – it has left me really wanting more :) Thank you for sharing it.

  23. You have succeeded in grabbing this old mans attention better than anyone has in the last seventy years. I’m an author in many genre and Post Apocalyptic is my all time favorite. I’ve been heavily into CGA Graphics and anything to do with it since long before most of the people around were born.

    The skill and ability shown in RUIN is utterly fantastic. My hat is off to you and I am seriously looking forward to seeing more of this. I think you folks are doing a fantastic job! Keep it up!!!

    The Dukester

  24. El Superbeaseto

    Woow! Great!

    J’adore c’est magnifique!

  25. Kickstarter.com ?

  26. This is absolutely brilliant – keep up the good work – I wait impatiently for more

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