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March 16, 2012 |  by  |  Making


  1. One of the best if not the best 3D motion graphics work I’ve ever seen. Truely impressive and captivating.

  2. Amazing!Great work!

  3. Hi, i watched your movie on a website wich is very popular in holland.. on this site was a link to the HD movie on youtube wich also had a link to this site.
    Conclusion, i watched ur movie 3 times 😀 i am really astonished by the quality and i can’t wait till you publish the 2nd part..
    I would like to be updated when the 2nd part arrives..
    Greetings and probz from Holland

    Barend Neven

  4. Hi Crew!

    I watched the video about 10 times since yesterday, it’s amazing! Congratulations, and good luck to the continue!

    And I have two little observations for you. The first is that the motor accelerating when the guy holds the sword in his right arm (it sounds similar, when he goes out from the tunnel, whit a bomb in his hand), it’s a little bit disturbing mistake, I have read it in a topic about your video. And the second is he holds the sword reverse by the jump as he prodding it into the robotplane.

    That’s all, tiny things against the whole work. It’s enthralling, I am very amazed! The spirit of your age is kicking me off, I couldn’t escape from it… :)

    Please, inform me any continuation, or if it will evolve to a complete movie!

    Greetings, and good luck from Hungary!

    Sir Gabriel

  5. Amazing. I watched it 2 times in a row. Very dynamic and incredibly good graphics. You have to continue your work, this is damn good.
    Would appreciate some hi-res wallpapers :)



  6. RUIN is just breathtaking work – excellent concept – excellent implementation. The best chase I’ve seen in a while – I have a feeling you guys will be working a lot. 😉


    Be well,

    Ben Munkres

  7. Respected guys,

    I’m from India, I just have seen your video of RUIN….I Have just amazed, what a talent to you….My hearty congratulations…..for you…great job.. hats off to you…..

  8. Surreal simplesmente Fantástico, eu quero mais!!!!
    more, more… more please!

  9. I saw RUIN on ‘YouTube’ last week. I was stunned at the absolute detail. The plant seeds floating by and all sorts of other stuff. I keep re-running it just to see ALL the detail.

    Such talent and imagination should be shared with the world.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the film and hoping that it’s going to have follow ups.

  10. Pit Van Calvin II

    Hope you’re going to give it a chance to evolve into a full movie some day… actually I thought it was a preview onto a movie or game project, when I first watched it ( thanx to Pronobozo, canadian music guy, who shared the link ) Even if it would mean to set it to a time faaar out ahead, like a future project. Imagining away on how specialised your stuff would be by then…makes my brain float out to space *he he*

    Try Crowd funding, maybe. People in germany collected something like 170 000 Euro that way to make their little movie project work, before. I wish to you that people like Roland Emmerich, James Cameron, George Lucas … would take some notice and do a bit of sponsorship, well, but actually this should be done genuine, by you guys, aye. If there was to be nothing more to follow, I think the world had missed out on something really special. Seriously.
    I bet there’ll be hundreds of people telling ye, yet to emerge. All the best wishes onto ye future creative adventures,


  11. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!! I love this menh. a friend just tagged me on facebook and the caption he added was that, i will not regret watching this. Man, i have not regretted a second for watching this. In fact, i have watched it over and over and over again. Am a fun in the animation world and am giving you guys two thumbs up…

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